Background Information

For anyone finding out about Celtic Cross for the first time or just generally interested, here is a brief description of what we`re about.

Celtic Cross are a Turbofolk Duo originating from Clitheroe in the North of England combining traditional songs and instruments with modern styles and technologies. The name symbolises this crossbreeding of genres and the music represents years of indulgence in many different fields of music combining into a single experience.

The Members of Celtic Cross are:-

I.D. Guy :- Sings and plays guitar, he also plays a mean harmonica.

Zero :- Sings and plays guitar and other stringy stuff, he also spends too much time on the computer.

Celtic Cross came into existence in 1996 and have performed well over 4000 gigs since that time covering a large area of the U.K. as well as an excursion abroad. Starting out as an acoustic duo, the addition of a sequencer and later a computer opened up new dimensions and opportunities to express our own compositions more effectively.

The years have seen the extensive repartoire continue to grow without losing touch with the original acoustic elements and Celtic Cross have Four albums released at present with a Fifth on its way for 2009.

Celtic Cross` Live performances are energetic and good humoured with plenty of heart and soul (sweat and spit) they regulrarly last in excess of 2 hours and are 90% of the time FREE admission. Celtic Cross gig incessantly 3 or 4 nights a week throughout the year, so if you want to catch up with us live, you wanna hear or buy our sounds or want to book us for your own Do, we hope this web site will help you out.

To Contact Celtic Cross

+44 (0)1254 875301