Something to believe in

Can you face the future

When they`ve broken down your dreams

Ripped through your houses

Leaving only the beams on which to build from.

Is this your future ? What you intended to be ?

With these shadows blinding your conscience

Merely to let you see.....

You Need something to believe in !


What`s the price of beliving if there`s nothing left inside

You`ve spent all your emotions

So you better go run and hide yourself away.

But there`s nowhere you can run to

There`s nowhere you can hide

Don`t get lost in your feelings

Never rely on your pride

Get something to believe in !


Though life may cast some shadows on your wall

And your door aint always easy to find

Put your key in the lock turn the handle

Unlock the pictures of your mind

Keep this vision on your mental Television

`til there`s nothing remains that`s decieving

Let yourself go, you`ll be sure to know

You`ve Found......

Something to believe in !