Dat Effin Song

I'll be your hero, If ya really need one.

Cos I've got nothing to do this Sunday d'Ya want me to be one?

I'll be your scapegoat when you need an excuse.

Yeah if you're looking for someone to hang Go on throw on the noose.

Only the lonely can have so many friends

Only the ones who got left at the start will be there in the end.

Only the senseless can feel so much pain.

Only the ones unpricked by a conscience feel it over and over again.

Oh, Oh, Oh, Over and over again. Oh, Oh, Oh, Over.


If you want riches, do your best to stay poor.

If you're looking to keep out the cold well then open the door.

If you feel worthless then say "I'm not for sale."

When you've spent your life fighting for freedom and wind up in jail.

No rest for the wicked, no reward for the good.

There'll be no climbing that stairway to heaven for the drinking the blood.

Even though it tastes good. You spill more than you should.


Just a small freak of nature can make such a mess.

If we want to move forward in time then we have to regress.

There's no point in striving for that ultimate goal.

When you're just a poor little ape with a brain that thinks it's a soul.

Put your faith in what's real, sing us something we can eat.

Then take every last thing that I have cos my life is complete.

Oh, Oh, so complete. To the end of my street.


It makes me so happy to be feeling so sad.

You know I only excel when I'm screaming, feel good when I'm bad.

I'm seeking asylum while trying to stay sane.

But now I'm climbing this mountain of madness are my efforts in vain?

Just trying to be myself. Were you expecting someone else?

I find my identity is not what it used to be.

No, No, Not what I used to be. Just try getting used to me.


I've tried relaxing. I've tried being stressed.

Yeah but to really show that you care I find apathy best.

All that has happened may yet come to pass.

But I find waiting for the end of the world such a pain in the ass.

Is what you expected not what you'd planned?

It's time to spit in the eye of the prophet and say

I'll be damned ! I'll be damned ! I'll be damned !

I'll be damned ! I'll be damned ! I'll be damned !

Oh I'll be damned ! Well I'll be damned !