Excursion Wild

It started when the boys in the crew wanted a change of view

So we arranged a little trip an excursion right out of the blue

We jumped in the back of a bread and cheese snack,

Asked about a buffet to the man called Jack.

The way we smiled said it was Excursion wild.


Well you know what its like when a boy or girl gets out of the town.

Feeling so frisky with the beer and the whiskey......Going down

Well we never had acare with the wind in our hair,

Drinking in the atmosphere you should have been there,

The way we smiled said it was excursion wild


Time for reason just like a season passed away

As Fred sez goodnight with a wave and his jewels on diplay.

One moon up in the sky but three down in the van,

One from Sid and Bro and a man called Yan

Laugh like a child when you`re on Excursion Wild