There are some people with smiles on their faces,

Hate on their lips and no single trace

Of the meaning they`re keeping behind their disguise.

Building their lives upon lies


There are some people who make like your friend,

Say they`ll stand by you right up to the end,

Then they let you down `cos they only pretend,

To build up their friendships on lies.



If they only knew the extent of the damage they do.

So this one goes out to, the last remaining Few,

Genuine People.


Then there`s the ones with their hearts on their sleeves,

Who bend over backwards to make you believe,

That they`re being real whenthey really decieve,

They build up an Image of lies.


Then there`s the ones who will act like your lover,

In all of the world there could never be another,

There`s no big mistake you can`t ever recover,

Don`t cover it all up with lies.


Then there`s the ones who`re just out for themselves,

They tell you one thing but mean something else.

They change their two faces in front of your eyes,

And think that you can`t see their lies.