God Cursed Me With A Brain

God cursed me with a brain, Now I fumble for the words to explain,

How I would have been happy as a dumb animal,

Ya know next time think I`ll come back as a Bull,

Nothing to do except eat and sleep and Faaaaah......................ck

No such luck !

God cursed me with a brain, Now Logic washes over me like rain,

I could have been Albert Einstein if I`d tried

Could`ve donated my body to scienc when I died,

I could`ve been cool as a Rock`n`Roll Star,

Yeah but here we are !

God cursed me with a brain, and the virtues of this organ seem so strange,

Morals and emotions all distract,

Could cleave my skull with a single cold hard fact,

Memories come and go just as they please,

Sanity leaves

And I want to take the bullshit in my stride,

Want to just sit back and switch off my mind,

Like to turn and look the other way

But I just stay, every day, I`ll go my own sweet way

God cursed me with a brain.

Didn`t have the decency to leave me an instruction book,

To help to explain,

Why what I`m told just don`t seem right to me,

When it doesn`t correspond to the things I see,

Why some grow strong and others fade away,

I just can`t say, Hey ! can anyone say ?