Greenfingered Children

Greenfingered children, Yes You,Heed the warning.

Do you see the sun turning blue in the morning

Gaze at the rain leaving trails down your windows,

Changing it`s colour by which way the wind blows.

Towers of power you pump out your ruin,

Deep in the bowels the foul liquids are brewing,

Leaking their troubles far into the ocean,

Changing the fish with their chemical potion.


Won`t you please lend your ears

To the sound of some scientists fears

Or you`ll weep when the damage is done

When you`ve burnt out our only defence from the sun

Do you choke on the chemical breeze

Do those strange little droplets pop out when you sneeze

Greenfingered children Beware !

When you check the condition of your life giving air


What shall we do ? Shall we simply complain ?

Or STOP every car, every bus, every plane,

Just blame it on THEM for the hole in the sky

Cos We`ll all be long dead by the time the Earth starts to fry