I watch the T.V. , I see the Adverts.

They tell me how to live my life the person I ought to be.

I read the papers, Magazines of Fashion.

They show me visions of the Norm I just can`t hope to achieve.

Under the table I wear my label, Cos I`m not able to identify myself.

Present the image that is expected and just a symbol of imaginary wealth.

Umbro, Armani, Get out your cheque books,

And make another contribution to the social divide.

Ben Sherman, Reebok. Take out a bank loan.

I`m under pressure from the primitive side.

Mommy Mommy I want the new shirt just like Tommy !

Get the mother through the mind of the child.

I need the right things so I can fit in,

Cos children can be cruel and so receptive to hype.


I wear the make up, I use the skin cream,

I eat the diet to stay pretty and young.

I want a figure just like the models,

So I go out to the bathroom and I throw it all up.

Out in the disco I drink the right things,

Label to front so that everybody can see.

Holsten and Fosters, Bacardi Breezers,

I only take the drugs that they sell on T.V.


I`ve seen the movie, I`ve bought the T-shirt,

So now I`m just another product like the rest on the shelf.

I know I`m J.D. or am I Tommy ?

But I`ve got half an hours free talk time to express myself.

I walk the tightrope between the logos,

Iwear the symbol of the age but I don`t know what it means.

I`m independent in my thinking,

So don`t you mess with me cos I`m my own can of beans.