Many Times

Many times have I rode this road, Many times had to bear this load.

Many times in my wandering, I've seen pain and suffering.



Many dreams have passed me by. Many tears have been in my eye.

Many times had to start anew. Find the strength to pull me through.


Many times have I turned away, Many times have I gone astray.

Many times had to sing my song,

when all the world and my life seemed wrong.


Many songs have I sung for you. Many smiles have I shared with you.

Many memories along the lane. Making us feel the same.


Many times have I been the clown. Many people have put me down.

Many things of which I can be proud. Give me the voice to sing out loud.


Many times have I felt despair. Many times found someone who cared.

Many times have I been and gone. Many times have I carried on.