Mutha Nature

Love Ya Mutha ! Mutha Nuture

She`s always there a lovin` and a carin`

She made the world for all to use it and gave you life so don`t abuse it.

Blind men open up your eyes, long past time you realised

The beauty and wonder of creation, over your mechanichal infutuation

Always using, not replacing, her rhythmic cycle you`re outpacing

Creates the crisis you`re now facing, I`ve got no time for your rat racing

You see we got no time to stop and look at the greener pastures over the fence

Just gear up yer car and speed away and disappear in a puff o science.


I love the country my mother`s garden, Tranquility my senses sharpen

I feel the earth beneath my feet and take a breath of air thats sweet

I got no worries I`m out pickin dem berries

I see the twentieth century whistling past

I look to the future of this alien culture and hope that the world can last

How I hope we can save some greenery, Just long enough for our children to see

The picture painted by our mother`s hand

The beautiful pasture of this green and pleasant land.


I love my mother and I state my devotion, I know it is a worthy emotion

Cos mother loves and provides for all, Summer, Winter, Spring and fall

She loves each creature big and small, Man, Bird, Beast and creepy crawly

Everything that flies inthe air, Everything that moves in the earth

Everything that swims in the sea, Every tree every flower she gave them birth

And man and woman she made them too

Now what do these remorseless children do ?

Rape her soil, Pollute her seas, Choke her air and burn her trees

Oblivious to the warning shout "Act now my time is running out ! "

The Race You Run - Cannot be Won

Live By Love - Not By Gun

Take In Need - and Not in Greed

Reap the Crop - But Plant the Seed