Welcome to the future now it's here for all to see

You should be proud to be a part of this great society.

Where all your needs are catered for and nothing bars the way

You can have your heart's desire if you've got the cash to pay.

So you're working hard and saving and boy you'd better be quick

Cos the goalposts keep on moving like a carrot on a stick.

To drive a fatter wedge into the great social divide

Pathetic few go soaring up and the rest get left behind.

In the land of milk and honey you'll get bugger all for free,

Stranded down in poundland with 99p.

Sinking on an island in an ever rising sea,

Stranded down in poundland with 99p.

There's taxes on our wages and taxes on our home

We're taxed for using energy and talking on the phone.

There's duty on your fuel and then there's tax upon your car

Now they're watching from their satellites you won't get very far.

But taxing home improvements is too taxing for my mind

They'll tax your scenic country view although that you are blind.

So where does all the money go in this almighty scam ?

A larger house, another jag, a nice retirement plan.

I search for some salvation in the dark economy

Selling crack in poundland for 99p.

But who's the real villans in this daylight robbery ?

Caught shoplifting in poundland with 99p.

You'll never beat inflation no matter how you try

By the time you save to reach your goal the price is twice as high.

When you're better off on benefits then where's the point to try ?

Stay on the never never now until the day you die.

There's nothing great in Britain now our nation is a joke

The good old days are long since gone, No Glory, No Hope.

"Climb the ladder to success" the whip that drives me on

But when I finally reached the top Cess was bloody gone.

So I Bow to the purveyors of the sin of usury.

Banking on the interest on my 99p.

The case for my defence when you deduct the lawyer's fee

Of 99 per cent of my 99p.

The only real solution is to win the lottery.

But I can't afford a ticket with my 99p.

I guess the price of freedom is still too high for me.

Stranded down in poundland with 99p.

Words I ran out of time and breath for :-

(So I try to make some sense of all this verbal dysentery.

While Standing down in poundland with 99p.

The Bleeping of the bar codes is hypnotizing me.

Zombified in poundland with 99p.)