Q, No definite answer ?

You can kill all the white men, Kill all the blacks,

You can wipe out all the rich and the religious maniacs.

You can kill the politicians, murder the police,

Assassinate the generals in the name of world peace.

If it makes you happy, If it make your life seem more worthwhile,

If it makes a forty hour week pass twice as fast or knock ten pence off a pint,

If it gets all those bloody homeless from out of my shop door,

And makes the streets and parks a safer place for kids to play once more…

Maybe I`ll buy that.

The greatest minds on Earth rack their brains,

Looking for the clues to help explain,

How to bring it under control when Chaos spreads like cancer ?

Gaze into your crystal ball………. No definite answer ?

You can storm the gates of heaven in a big black limousine,

You can take Adolf for a round of golf or smoke crack with the Queen.

You can sing the songs of freedom `til we all go blue in the face,

Push all the panic buttons and just wipe out the Human Race.

If it stops injustice, if it takes the sting out the tail of life,

If it could ever make hatred obsolete and snobbery as common as shite.

If it could take away the suffering, take away the pain,

Take away the barriers and let us live again…..

I could be a part of it.

All the computers in the world cannot decode,

Mechanichal thinking capacity OVERLOAD !

Flitting through the data banks like a Whirling Dervish dancer.

Consistently drawing blanks……… No definite answer ?

Competition is essential. Well somebody`s gotta win.

Failure is inevitable. Somebody`s gota lose.

Resistance is Useless we all gotta go with the flow,

When ambition and obsession are the only words we know.

And as the turning tide of conciousness to the planes of higher thought,

To discoveries as yet unmade and battles yet to be fought.

All the stars and constellations fill my eyes,

FREAK hallucinations mezmerize.

Coded in your astral chart, the rising sign of cancer,

Get Mystic Meg to sort it out……… No definite answer ?

So tell me…..

What`s our purpose ? No definite answer ?

Who`ll win the Rat Race ? No definite answer ?

No, Who`ll win the Space Race ? No definite answer ?

No who`ll win the Human Race ? No definite answer ?

And How can we fix it ? No definite answer ?

Or is it too late to fix it ? No definite answer ?

What do we look for ? No definite answer ?

Ahh Have we a Future ? No definite answer ?

No definite answer ? No definite answer ?

No definite answer ? No definite answer ?

No definite answer ? No definite answer ?

No definite answer ? No definite answer ?

No definite answer ? No definite answer ?

No definite answer ?………………………............................................................