Rare Auld Time

Morning broke and I awoke,

Sunlight streaming through my window

Chasing those sweet dreams out from my head

With a brew and a smoke and on with me coat

It`s off to run that race again

There must be something else to do instead

All the clocks go slow til the whistle blows

That homebound train is coming for me

The booze and the T.V. help to pass the time

Ah but I don`t mind walking the line

The weekend`s nearer all the time

Those two short days of freedom will soon be mine.


Did we have a time ? We had a rare old time!

Both of us just feeling fine

Could not find a greater state of mind

Oh did we have a time ? We had a rare old time !

Dancing, Laughing, Drinking wine

Could not be more happy if we tried


Good Friday comes round every week

It`s off to chase those thrills I seek

It`s Party Night in every single bar

The week`s been a shitty one but here comes a pretty one

Driftin` across the smokey room

Shining out just like a midnight star

Well we wanna get it on but the band`s coming on

It`s time to dance and sing along

Shake away those cares and strives of ours

So we jump to the left and we swing to the right

Sing and dance for half the night

Then we`ll all sit round and have another jar


Saturday comes and we wanna have fun

We`d better make an early start

Before we check the match down on the park

Win or lose we`ll be lighting the fuse, charging up our energies

To drive us through the night when it gets dark

So we go from pub to pub

Til there`s no more left so we hit a club

Drinking like it`s going out of style

So the nigth rolls on and on

Until the first bright light of morning comes

At last we get our heads down for a while


Sunday never starts til noon

And sometimes even that`s too soon

To wipe the bleary cobwebs from my eyes

But my head`s still here and as it starts to clear

And memory comes flooding back

I didn`t really do all that did I

Well I don`t care what people think

Tonight I`m gonna do the same again

There`s no point ever doing things by halves

So it all goes round and round

Not standing up for falling down

Basically just getting nowhere fast


(Why do all my songs tend to be 13 page epics?)