Spaceships of a different kind

I looked up and up and up and I kept on looking up

How far did it go ? and could anyone know ?

I counted one and one and one and one til there were oh so many ones

Too many to own or to be left alone.

Star traveller come my way in a science not our own

Dream voyager of galaxies Science ? Not at all !

In the theories and equations no answers do they find

Renaissance or Dark Ages the blind still lead the blind

Salvation or Damnation is the fate of Humankind

Recapture the lost magick to build spaceships of the mind

To build spaceships of a different kind.


Hey savage out in the African bush or on the North American plains

How come you`re so much more in touch with the things so far away

No delusions of grandeur haunt you, no illusions show on your face

In the ever turning wheel of life you simply take your place

But you can fly like an eagle or run on the hooves of a horse

Shoot through space like a shaft of light to follow our stream to the source

While we`re bogged down with the paperwork well we got a livin` to earn

Cos if we don`t have the money we can`t pay the rent

Or watch the telly, go the shop, Hey Call A Cop !

Cos there`s a new god in town, His Manna you`re spending

Raining from the sky hard metal impending

Stirring the storm to block the messages


You know ther once was a power that coursed through this earth

Which could only be touched by dreams

But the false gods built their altars there and capped off the Orgone streams

Using this energy in negative ways Materialism Boomed

Creating a niche for the master and slave your spirituality`s Doomed

Cos we look to a god for a reason to be, there`s an afterlife as an excuse

You see I don`t have to be who I`m destined to be

I just booked me a place next to Zeus

Pagan Rites got shat on by the Church

The Church gets shat on by Science

Science gets shat on by power and greed


(A LICE who the f**k is A LICE ?)

(Just like a parasite, Can`t they do anything right ?)

Well we keep looking out and not looking in for answers not there to find

Ahead of us or behind, Hey somebody give me a sign

Someday we`ll build spaceships of a different kind.