When the sky is Oh so grey and all the rain is pouring down,

I often wonder where the sun goes when she`s not around.

Up above the clouds she`s hiding Up above the world she`s shining bright.

Above it all and out of sight.


When the ceiling`s bearing down and all the walls are closing in,

Sit and watch the daylight fading, the air growing thin.

Up above the rooftops smiling, Up there like a star my guiding light.

She says that everything`s alright.


Wanna take a trip on the Light Fantastic ?

Dying for a life but you never would`ve guessed it.

Wannabe a Hero ? Wannabe a Star ?

Wannabe Yourself ? Be what you are.

Lunar Landing, Solar Eclipse, Nuclear Fission, Silicon Chips,

Blank Expressions, Points of View,

Honest, I`d do anything 4 U. It`s True !

The energy you`re giving off`s the driving force in everything I do.


On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Racing for a Heart Attack,

On a one way trip to oblivion, with no turning back.

Right there in my dreams she`s gliding, Orbiting me like a satellite.

Out in the Galaxy tonight, A Supernova burning bright.

At any time of day or Night, She tells me everything`s alright.