Sure, Not Sure.

Finding out the hard way all these stories they were true.

I never would have thought that these things hide inside of you

But now I`ve got tomorrow and a different point of view


Cos I`m Sure that I`m just not so sure anymore,

I wont return those smiles that I once had in store,

You had all your reasons ready when you came

Knocking on my door

Now I`m Sure that I`m just not So Sure.

Love has left a circle in the shadows of this maze,

It`s counting out the Minutes and crossing out the Days,

Take me down these memories will get lost within the haze.


Acting out your promises and acting out your dreams,

Just how many strings to cut to finalise your schemes,

But it doesn`t really matter now it`s the way it goes it seems.


Written in the papers and reflected in your eyes,

The way you had to do it really took me by surprise,

But now you`re sitting in the shadows drawing patterns with your lies.