Nah Think On! by Celtic Cross

This Album is now fully mastered and ready to release but to be honest its not worth spending the money to produce it when we won't recoup the outlay. For now I suggest you go to our facebook page where you can listen to every track.

Magic Number ;

We had this tune for ages with no words or direction until Hannah penned some ideas. It grew from there and now it`s a focus on the way our attention is drawn away from issues in our life by the potential escape clause, or Alrightjackitus. It won`t matter how bad the health service is or the state of education when I get the ticket, I`ll be independantly wealthy. It`s a very catchy tune though.

Billy ;

Another song about a bloke hanging round with his family following the coffin. Don`t do it message for the suicidal, or a punk rock version of the Samaritans.

Poundland ;

Should have heard this one by now as is was aired FREE on the Stanley`s Back E.P.

(don`t have a copy? Remedy that now)

Why do I Care ;

My latest rant at how pointless it oftens seems playing in pubs where the next round and last nights X-Factor are obviously more important to the crowd.

Cooleys ;

Instrumental with mandolin

Many Times ;

Purely album track this. backing in Fruity loops to a nice tune I had, Ian sings my words cos I just couldn`t be NICE enough.

Leader ;

A glorious rant at those in command, percieving that the most avaricious and bloodthirsty of any band of cut-throats MUST be their leader. Stilgoesque Punk/Jazz with No Frills.

Game with no rules ;

WOMD What ? Bogle for the 21st C. Superbly backed up by most appropriate sampling.

Seige/Clara Polka ;

Two instrumentals two give you a break from my ranting.

Sit Down by Your side ;

Song I wrote yonks ago finally recorded.

Q, No definite answer ? ;

Leftover from the FDF recordings we decided to include this but at 7 mins it rarely features at gigs as peoples brains begin to melt. Attention span tragedy.

Zaps ;

Millions of years ago there was a band called 13 Horses Legs and there was a guy who played guitar. His name was Shaun and he played some wild shit man ! We called him Zaps and he wrote the music for this song. Sadly he died so we`ve brought back this song in his memory and have some new words now about making the most of chances in your life.

Dead End Corner ;

A song inspired by some background music from the video game Ace Speeder. I re-edited the midi track and used samples from the game to create a wacky backing then played thrash punk rock guitars over it. The lyrics explore the psychology of life as a virtual pilot in a videogame, whose only existence is to race these futuristc craft in futile races, no matter how many times they crash and burn they simply regenerate in time for the next joust with death.