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Here`s all the bumf I wrote in the build up to the CDs Release.

To celebrate Accrington Stanley's glorious return to the Football League after 44 years absence we have put together a lovely little song to get everyone singing and raising their voices to get behind the boys in their 1st season of league football, and give them the support they`re gonna need to stay there. We pulled out all the stops to get a recorded version out in time for the League Cup 1st round tie against former European Champions Nottingham Forest (Big Thanks go to Bryan Faud who devoted loads of time to getting this recorded and who also did the drum track) (and even more thanks to Lindsey for putting up with me spending more time in the bedroom with her husband than she does)and although we only had time to do a Preliminary mix we were not disappointed. The song was played at the ground 3 times during the course of the evening and Stanley won the game 1 nil to qualify for the next round, something none of the other northwest teams managed to do. The atmosphere was great on the night and the crowd were getting behind the lads (much better than the 1st home game against Darlo) Stanley were the better team throughout and were in no way outclassed by a much more well established team even in last 10 mins when Forest desperately searched an equaliser. I walked home from the ground feeling very happy indeed.

If all goes well we hope to release our 1st ever single, hopefully 3 or 4 tracks worked around this song and current and future Stanley Chants.

UPDATE 11/09/06

Everythings going well with this, the club is right behind it and playing the song at every home game. Thanks to all the people who are interested in this and are talking about it in the Forums at Accyweb, hope you found your way here OK. For anyone going the other way Accrington Stanley`s website is here. You can enter the forums from there. We have also started work on another song which is extremely wild called "Stanley`s Back". Its kinda Thrash Metal Funk over Hip Hop and a chance to play a mean guitar for Stanley rather than just singing really in Cart On. I`ve also wrote a 3rd "I love the smell of Accy in the Morning" (Apocalypse Now fans will get this) which is more of an acoustic song and some would say more Traditionally our style. (I am after all the busker from the film Accrington Past and Present available at your local library). On top of this we have talked about including "Poundland" as a Free bonus track from our own forthcoming LP.

Best news yet is for people who can afford them phones that play MP3s for ringtones (me not included) Beacause right here right now you can download real tones of all Stanley Songs at the bottom of the page.


UPDATE 18/09/06

We were back at Bryans Wed and Sun (For about 8 hours) The backing to "Stanley`s Back" was completed on Wed a painstakingly laborious task when I should have been up the Crown watching Stanley put 5 past Wrexham. "I love the Smell" was recorded in its entirity on Sun along with a Freaky Trumpet intro to "SB". Apparantley the ringtones work as Woody sent me a message to say he was using one. Sampled some commentary from Wed Night for "SB" and I`ll do that right after this. With another sesh on Wed and another on Sun we should finish recording then be able to go into mixdown the following week. I dream of a launch on 21st October for the Walsall game cos the next home Sat after that is 18th of Nov if I`m not mistaken.


UPDATE 24/09/06

Well Hi Hi Hi there again. I don`t think I`ve ever updated a news page so frequently in the entire history of www.celticcross.co.uk , I must be excited. Anyway we were at it again today, 99.9% of the recording is done and "I Love the Smell" has been mixed down. Why not get yourself a sample by clicking the link below. We`ve made arrangements for replication and look on target for 21st. Thanks some more to everyone who`s been supporting us and getting behind this.


UPDATE 28/09/06

OK folks after flat out, heads down, no nonsense, mindless boogerie all tracks are mixed and mastered and ready to go for replication. Maybe all I said will come true after all. As usual with all Celtic Cross CDs it would not be complete without the computer breaking down at the most inconvenient time, this time the Mackie HDR decided to have its own little moment as well, Oh well these things are sent to try us. We DID overcome and I`m very pleased to be able to add some samples of Stanley`s Back and what the hell a few more ringtones seeing how they (allegedly) work. I`m kinda fekked at the moment so I`ll write some more when my brain`s calmed down. Oh we may be in the Accy Observer this week with a photo but it won`t tell you people anything you don`t already know.

UPDATE 11/10/06

All the stuff`s been sent off to Matt @ Hi-Fi Copies in Bristol and he`s just phoned me today to say expect delivery on 17th or 18th so that puts us right on target for the Walsall game on October 21st. We did end up in the Observer, nice full page 3 (nearly) with lovely colour photo, but unfortunately missing the 3 vital points of 1, Release date. 2, Website. 3, Upcoming gigs. Ah well you can`t have everything. I have sent Promo copies to 2BR 99.8FM, The BEE 107FM, Rock FM 97.4FM and Radio Lancashire 95.5FM so do your best and get phoning in to these radio stations requesting that they play it. As for a gig before kick off on the 21st, a lot depends on Weather, equipment, and personnell, I`d love to do it but I want it right. I deffo need a test cos I don`t want just some shoddy racket (what do ya mean its never bothered me before?) if there`s another 3000 crowd I want it bob on and I really dont know how its going to sound or if we`ll be able to hear what we`re playing along to. Also I need 2 radio headsets and an insturment pack if anyone can lend me some from as soon as poss until 21st, I working on guitar chords for 2 of the songs and will hopefully add them along with this update.

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