Celtic Cross Updates Elsewhere on the Web

Firstly don't have a heart attack because I've finally made a new news page, It was a cold day in hell yesterday :-)

Anyway what I want to say is that now there are other places to to better access up to date info about the activities of your least favourite duo. The BEST thing you could do is visit our Facebook Page and become a fan. Then every time I update anything on there you will see it on your Facebook homepage, I can also send out updates to fans which will arrive in your inbox/updates folder telling you of forthcoming gigs or anything else interesting that might be happening.

Also I update our gigs on North West Bands fairly regularly and there you can find out about loads of gigs by loads of bands as well.

It's a bit of a chore to update a website like this when you can spew a load of gig dates, pictures and music up onto facebook without all the page building and linking necessary for this. Remember you don't have to waste your time chatting and doing all the other pointless stuff people find to do on facebook use it how you want.

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