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OK I realise that I haven`t written a news page for about a year, this is on account of not being Trevor Facking MacDonald alright and simply the fact that it`s all really boring. We`re Celtic Cross alright we`re a band, we do gigs, we make records, we have our tea and go to bed. How some people in bands find it possible to write page after page about themselves is beyond me, it`s like being your own Paparazzi. Zero went to the Stock cars at Belle Vue. Ian Guy had his hair cut. Nyge Hell gets new Minilyser. As if you wanna know or I even want you to know. Oh did I tell you I`ve had my kitchen done, well 75% anyway. Our gigs are listed on the Live page if you want to find out what happened at one ............ then go to it. (Sorry if your incapacitated and can`t get out but phone us and we`ll do you a private booking so as you don`t miss out)

I have a fairly boring life, we do gigs ;-

Gig report.....We arrived played some songs had a break played some more songs met some people packed up and F**ked *ff it was great (they all are).

I work on the computer ;-

Working on the computer report........Booted up, typed up some lyrics, printed off some gig guides, made some web pages (Oh Yeah like when ?), burnt some CDs, made a new backing for one of MY songs (oh yeah I used Sampletank for some of the instruments but kept my own sound font for my usual suspects, I played in most of the stuff then step edited it to make it look like I CAN play, I added some samples, some which I made myself, some I recorded from TV and some which came from Computer Music CD 44, I synched up the ADAT and recorded to Ch 1 + 2, put down an acoustic guitar on 3, Messed about with the Leccy on 4 using a bit of overdrive, slight Phase shift and a tight plate reverb, put an extra lead on 5 with classic 50s valve head boost and a +3 +5 harmonizer, Banged down the Vocals on 6 with a 250ms Delay and a small amount of compression, stuck down a BV on 7 using the Vocaliser to cover up/emphasise the fact that I can`t sing, Hmmm wonder what to put on 8, ah never mind you dont HAVE to use em all) then after that I defragmented the computed, (The Defragmentation Report can be viewed upon request from Oh while that computer was defragging I was on the other one just capturing a bit of Video for use in one of my upcoming vidz I think I`ll defrag that one now that the other`s finished. Right I better get into the art program (naming no names) and start work on the cover for the New CDs it could be coming out ANYTIME (in the next couple of years), need to scan in some photos, organise the tracklist, write some crap about us for the sleeve notes, make a front a back and a middle (and remember to look for spelling mistakes BEFORE it comes back from the copiers), oh did I mention that I drank some coffee in between some of these activities.....................You Get the Picture ?

Working on the computer report #2...........Today I Played Colin McCrae Rally for 18 hours. The left hand side of my brain has melted. (Substitute Colin McCrae Rally for Trainsim Editor or Chicken Invaders where applicable)

I have a Private Life ;-

Private Life Report..............It`s F**king Private. Get one of your own !

There it`s all written up now so IF you ever want to know what I`m up to you can just read that again.

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