Would You like to sponsor Celtic Cross ?

As You know We, Celtic Cross are a formidable force in the entertainment field and are out every weekend dealing out our own blend of Celtic merriment, but at the end of the day we don`t make tons of money, certainly nowhere near enough to afford the expensive kit we need to advance in the recording dept or to upgrade the live rig. We save up like little squirrels in the autumn but it takes so long to amass a sum that it gets used for some other impending crisis before its intended purpose. Vehicles in particular constantly chomp away at funds leaving us too skint for the studio equipment we so badly need. Let`s face it Album 3 Folk de Future WOULD be out now if we had some essentials permanently installed in our studio instead of having to borrow in time and time again.

Edit: Forget All that its sorted Just Sponsor us with a decent Van, Anybody know the number of "Pimp my ride UK".

SO, Do you have a booming buisness and need to lose a bit of profit by investing in a much loved Folk Group. Or maybe you`re upgrading your Ree-hee-heeally nice studio and have some old stuff like a Topaz Project 24-8 mixer or perhaps a MX30 compressor cos your new 60 is better, or what about those old studio monitors, those NS10s might not do it for you anymore but we`d be right up there with that kind of thing. If you`ve just got a super PC and you`ve any kind of P!!! you want rid of, or a really good sound card you`re fed up with, I`m your man. In fact we specialise in dealing with donations of any sort, cash is nice cos we can buy new exactly what we want but any good stuff can be used.

YOU could be a sponsor for one of our albums, including the forthcoming Folk de Future, by contributing as little as £500 towards a reproduction deal we would then be able to permanently reduce the retail price of each album. We would in particular like to find someone to do this for the new album then we can release it ridiculously cheap as a direct affront to the spiralling cost of living and a gesture of EVOLUTION WITHOUT INFLATION. (Can you remember Who said there would be no six quid Clash album EVER ?). You would be classed as main benefactor of selected album and be saving loads of other people money too.

Edit (Yeah well F888 you nobody sponsored and I reduced them anyway)

If you are one of those nice people who think "Hey these lads are really inspired, they work really hard, they`re honest, friendly and Genuine I`d like to help them be able to utilise their full potential" then we would be eternally grateful, we will mention you on the sleeve of the next album/s and on our website, (link your website if you have one). If you are a company we would carry your logo on live equipment and announce our sponsors at shows, and/or relative publications. We would offer great discounts on live appearances and perform publicity events if you wish. We will definitely buy you a beer next time we see you out and you can come round to mine for tea anytime you like. You can use our music for commercials or switchboard holds etc free of charge or we will design specific music to suit your needs at minimum cost.

SO, if you feel you can help in any way please don`t hesitate to get in touch, you can e-mail - info@celticcross.co.uk or reach us on any of the contacts listed on the Info page (-link below-) maybe your investment will take Celtic Cross on to much greater things then you would have a going concern for the price of a Pub Duo and the satisfaction of knowing you had a big part in it.

Here We would like to express many many thanks to our most benevolent benfactors

Who contributed towards the production costs of our last album Folk `n` L.I.

And who have now replaced BOTH live guitars, improving sound and performance.


Another anonymous man we will refer to as "The Smuggler" for political reasons has most kindly

donated an undisclosable amount towards album production.

Please follow his fine example and help the cause.

Please follow our example and make whatever YOU make as cheap as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this electronic begging letter, you don`t know anyone with a country farmhouse where we could set up HQ do you ? ........Thought Not.